Grant Descriptions

The Health Trust works through two grantmaking programs that receive equal attention and comparable funding:
  • Responsive Grant Program

    The Responsive Grant Program accepts applications for support of specific projects, programs, or general operations. Our areas of interest include increasing access to health and social services, innovation in health care delivery, disease prevention, education for health care providers, policy analysis, and advocacy to improve health care systems serving those in greatest need. Most grants are made for one year, though we occasionally make multi-year awards.
  • Proactive Grant Program
    Through our Proactive Grant Program we work with a wide range of public and private partners to develop more effective, integrated health-care delivery models—systems geared to provide individuals with comprehensive, coordinated services. The program is staff-driven, and is often informed by the work of the Responsive Grant Program.

Proactive grants are initiated by the Health Trust.  We do not accept applications for these grants.