How to Apply

If your organization is seeking a grant, you should begin by reading the Health Trust's grantmaking guidelines. If your organization meets our eligibility requirements and your organization’s activities match our program interests and funding criteria, you may apply for a Responsive grant. We do not accept Proactive grant requests as these are initiated by the Health Trust.

While the Health Trust maintains an open application procedure for the Responsive grant program, please be advised that in order to increase impact in priority areas, the foundation is currently seeking to reduce the number of grantees in our Responsive grant program and increase the average grant size for certain grants.  For that reason, a limited number of Letters of Inquiry are accepted for proposal submission from organizations with which we do not have an established relationship.
The Michael Reese Health Trust uses an online application process. We do not accept paper applications that are mailed to our office. If you would like to apply for a grant, please determine below whether you are a new applicant or a current grantee. 
A new applicant has either never received a grant from the Health Trust or is a past grantee that has already submitted the final report for the previous grant.
A current grantee has received a grant from the Health Trust and has not yet submitted the final report for that grant. Current grantees may reapply for the same program or a different program. 
This application process refers only to the Responsive grantmaking program. If you are the recipient of a Proactive grant and are applying for a Responsive grant for the first time, you are a new applicant.