Current Grantees Apply Now

Once you have reviewed our Guidelines and Application Procedures, you are ready to complete a submission using our online process.  

Tips for completing a Reapplication Letter of Inquiry application:  

1. Review Application and Assemble Needed Materials

Review the questions and assemble materials you will need to complete the Reapplication Letter of Inquiry.
PLEASE NOTE: The following PDF Document is to assist in your planning; do NOT complete this document and send it to us. We only accept submissions through our online application process.
A current grantee has received a grant from the Health Trust and has not yet submitted the final report for that grant. If you are a current grantee and are applying for another grant, you will need to complete the Reapplication Letter of Inquiry(pdf of form), and attach the organization's IRS Determination Letter, Organization Budget, and Project Budget, if the request is not for general operating support.

2. Create a User Account

When you click on the link to begin your application you will be asked to create a user account and password. After you create your account, you will receive an automated email with a link confirming the user account and password. SAVE this email or account information for future reference.
In order to complete an application, you will be asked to complete an Eligibility Quiz and agree to the Health Trust’s Grant Proposal Terms and Conditions.  
Applicants must have access to a web browser that allows cookies. Certified browsers for applicants include: Internet Explorer 6.0 (for PC) SP-1, Internet Explorer 5.2.3 (for Mac), Netscape 7.2 , Opera 7.5.4, Safari 1.2 (for Mac), and Mozilla Firefox v1.0.  Supported Browsers include: Netscape 7.02, Opera 7.11, Safari 1.0 (v85)

3. Completing the Application

You may find it useful to separately draft certain elements of your proposal in a writing program and then cut and paste the text into the online application. 

After saving your work, you may stop working on your application before it is complete and return to it at a later time (using your user name and password) by going to the My Account Login Web page. There is also a link at the top of all pages of this website to continue your application.

You will have an opportunity to review and print a Printer Friendly Version of your application prior to submitting it, or email a copy of your application to other individuals. The Michael Reese Health Trust staff will see your application only after you click the "Submit" button. 

PLEASE NOTE: Once an application is submitted, you cannot add, modify or delete the application or any part of it through the online system. 

If you have any questions, need assistance completing your application, or need to make an important change to an application after you have submitted it, please contact Jennifer Rosenkranz, Senior Program Officer, Michael Reese Health Trust ( or 312.726.1008).Michael Reese Health Trust staff will review all Reapplication Letter of Inquiry submissions and communicate by email whether your organization has been approved to submit a full proposal.

Reapplicants may start or return to complete the Reapplication Letter of Inquiry by clicking here: Start or Return to Complete Reapplication Letter of Inquiry