Application Procedures

These procedures pertain to both new applicants and current grantees.

The Michael Reese Health Trust uses an online application process.   We do not accept paper applications that are mailed to our office.  If you would like to apply for a grant, you should submit a Letter of Inquiry by the appropriate deadline.  We do not accept unsolicited proposals.

Responsive Grants  

The vast majority of grants awarded each year by the Health Trust are Responsive grants. Responsive grants may be for program or general operating support. Most grants are for one-year, however it is possible to request a multi-year grant.

Responsive grants generally range from $25,000-$60,000. Organizations that receive a one-year grant may apply for another one-year grant the following year. Organizations who wish to apply for a Responsive grant should submit a Letter of Inquiry using the online grant application.

Core Grants  

Each year, the Health Trust awards a small number of Core grants. Core grants are larger, multi-year grants designed to strengthen both program quality and organizational capacity.   Organizations approved by Health Trust staff may request up to $100,000 a year for each of three years for a total of up to $300,000.

Core grants should focus on the following: quality of services; planning for and supporting staff, volunteers and activities fundamental to the organization’s health-related mission; mission-related infrastructure needs; and/or sustainability of the agency and its health services. Use of evidence-based practices or using the Core grant to systematically learn about and implement evidence-based practices is encouraged. Participation in this program requires a willingness to share findings and lessons learned in order to assist other Health Trust grantees and others in the field.  Additional information about the Core grant program can be found here.

Because of the limited number of grants awarded, you must have prior approval from Health Trust staff to submit a Core grant request. Please contact Jennifer Rosenkranz ( or 312.726.1008) to discuss how your organization would use a Core grant.  Once you have obtained staff approval, we will send you an invitation to submit a Letter of Inquiry for a Core grant through our online application process. 

At this time, only current or recent grantees are invited to submit a request for a Core grant.  To avoid the possible jeopardy of an organization’s Letter of Inquiry for a Core grant being declined, it is possible to be considered for a general Responsive grant by submitting Letters of Inquiry for both the Core and general programs in the same cycle.

Submission Deadlines

The Health Trust awards grants twice a year. The submission deadlines for Letters of Inquiry are June 15 (for grants to run January 1 through December 31) and December 15 (for grants to run July 1 through June 30). If the due date falls on a weekend, we will accept submissions until 5pm the following business day.  Letters must be received by 5pm on the due date. Our online application module will shut down at 5pm on due date. Late submissions will not be accepted. Letters received after either deadline will be processed during the next cycle.

Approximately 5-6 weeks after the deadline we will notify you by email whether your request meets the Health Trust's funding interests and criteria. If it does, we will invite you to submit a full proposal. You will have approximately five weeks to do so. We will notify you of our grant decision approximately three months after we receive your proposal. Thus, the time from the Letter of Inquiry to the funding decision is approximately six months.  During the three month review period, staff will review the proposal and make a funding recommendation to the Grants Committee of the Board, and then the full Board will make a funding determination.

For information on the Spring and Fall Funding Cycle Timelines regarding specific due dates and grant periods, please visit the Funding Cycle Timelines page. 

If you have reviewed our Grantmaking Guidelines and Application Procedures, and are ready to apply for a grant, please go to Apply Now.