Gender-Specific Programs

Sisters Speak Out: The Lives and Needs of Prostituted Women in Chicago

August 2002

The second study by the Center for Impact Research took a more in-depth look at women in various segments of the prostitution industry.  The report paints a stark portrait of their health needs.  For many, the challenges include violence, substance abuse, sexually-transmitted diseases including HIV/AIDS, mental health problems, homelessness, and chronic disease.  The report offers recommendations for an informed and effective response.

The Prostitution of Women and Girls in Metropolitan Chicago: A Preliminary Prevalence Report

May 2001

This was the first study ever to attempt to determine the number of girls and women involved in the sex trade in metropolitan Chicago:  not only street prostitution and off-street prostitution activities, but also the exchange of sex for drugs.  The report reveals an estimated 16,000 girls and women engaged in the prostitution industry.