Violence Prevention


November 2011

The report examines the impact of CeaseFire on shootings and killings. The first approach to this issue utilized statistical models to identify the effect of the introduction of the program on shootings and killings. These analyses employed 192-months (16 years) of data on selected sites and matched comparison areas to examine trends in violence.

An executive summary of the report, Building Evaluation Capacity of Violence Prevention Programs Across Illinois: A Quantitative and Qualitative Investigation

January 2005

In 1999, the Illinois Center for Violence Prevention (ICVP) and the Illinois Violence Prevention Authority (IVPA) collaborated with one another to establish the Evaluation Resource Institute (ERI).  The purpose of the ERI is to provide the violence prevention community in Illinois with the education, tools, resources and expertise to design and implement effective program evaluations.  To accomplish this, the ERI provides coaching, training and informational resources on program evaluation issues.  Coaching is individualized technical assistance for organizations